Life on campus at Seven Advanced Academy in Douala

The August cohorts for the 2019/2020 academic year began classes on Monday 26th 2019 in a serine and exciting atmosphere. 

Students who got admitted through special conditions as beneficiaries of the Seven Academy Fully funded scholarship also joint their peers on monday the 2nd 2019.

The young Tech enthusiasts who got admitted into Seven Academy through a rigorous admission process couldn’t hide their excitement first day in class when they met their lecturer Mr Kamdjou Temfack Duplex M. an award winning certified software engineer with passion to disseminate knowledge and skills in technology.

Seven communication caught up with Bangsi Rene, a  fresher student into the Academy who just enrolled to study Full-stack Web Development and this is what he had to say:

“Am so happy to be admitted into my dream school Seven Academy, I left the other professional school where I was studying computer science to enroll here because I discovered my friend who enrolled in this school last year has already been very performant and doing amazing stuff in programing meanwhile I am so lagging behind in my own field. The first class was so enriching and I already see myself as a world class engineer”

“I am most elated to have won a scholarship to study at Seven Academy. Being the best student for the Higher National Diploma – HND 2018 in the centre Region, my dream has been to be the best real software engineer and Seven Academy is that best place to give me the real professional know how” Mambo Joy Cho

“The training here is very practical intensive. I am very happy I did not make the wrong choice to change my field of study to take Full-stack web development because Seven Academy is already giving me what I wanted. Our instructor is very bilingual, I like it”. Fadimatou Traore

Life on campus at Seven Academy is of international taste for three factors

First, the learning environment:

Training takes place not in normal classrooms but in top notch laboratories with capacity of 30 persons per lab, equipped with 62.23 inch iMac computers each with decent computing power accompanied by training projectors and other gadgets. Internet is unlimited and students can use it the way they want.

Students learn in air conditioned labs and have the privilege to drink coffee free of charge when they are exhausted.

Second,  the Curriculum

The training curriculum is designed based on standard training rules from industry leaders notably Google, Amazon, MicroSoft , and institutions like Stanford and MIT. Architects of this curriculum adopted it after considering the socio economic and traditional ecosystems of African economies taking Cameroon as a case study.

Third, the staff

Seven Academy has highly experienced staff with excellent professional and soft skills. Its  instructors are internationally tested and proven comprising young engineers who have won national and international competitions with Google, Audacity, Oracle, MTN etc. 

The  Administration is dynamic, pragmatic and heavy; led by the CEO, engineer par excellence, Madam Estelle Yomba  who is currently serving as Senior Technical Program Manager at Google, Silicon Valley.

This exceptional set up is what has made parents, companies and students to call Seven Academy a First-class IT Training Institute 

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